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Graduated in 2008 and started freelancing

We paved our own way

Peter and Rhiannon graduated college in 2008 with degrees in English, Media & Communications.  When the economy crashed, they decided to do something different and started their own LLC providing freelance work for friends and local businesses.

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Built a company & paved our own way

Learned a lot along the way

Over the next 10 years, they worked with hundreds of clients and dozens of subcontractors to provide quality marketing content and consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  As avid learners, they continued to learn by taking online classes, attending workshops, listening to podcasts, and reading books & blogs to help them develop their skills.

It's time to help others DIY their own path

Now we're sharing the wealth

Now that they’ve been in business for themselves for 10 years, as a husband and wife team, they are ready for their next adventure.  Peter and Rhi have teamed up with other successful entrepreneurs to create educational content that encompasses the lessons they’ve learned on their journey.  The Learn It – Do It team is passionate about helping people get started, and grow their own business so they can make money for themselves and reach true success and fulfillment.

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Making it happen, together.

Peter McHugh

Rhiannon McHugh

Amanda Silva
Copywriter & Editor

Alessandra Kaminski
Content & Social Manager

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