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We focus on Content & Marketing, Business Strategy, and Personal Development for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

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  • Ask us a question regarding either Business Strategy, Content Marketing, or Work-Life Balance
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About the Learn It - Do It Podcast

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Each episode will feature a voicemail question from a small business owner just like you where we will tackle a specific challenge and develop a plan of action to overcome it.

We’ll tackle those everyday challenges self-employed business owners face; related to Content and Marketing, Business Strategy, and Personal Development.

Listen in to our live brainstorming session where we unpack our guests’ challenges, outline possible solutions, and create a Next Three Steps action plan to implement right away.

Who is this podcast for?

  • Business owners who want to grow their business but don’t know how or feel stuck where they are
  • Business owners who want to compete on quality, not price
  • Businesses that make money by providing a service to their clients
  • Entrepreneurs who wear all the hats for their business
  • Entrepreneurs who wish they could spend more time working ON their business versus IN their business
  • Self-employed people who want to make more money or have more time to enjoy their success
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